–Right now, me and Vasakronan are doing the contemporary art project ArtMadeThis, with the goal to promote and emphasise female artistry.

ArtMadeThis started in Gothenburg in 2015 and has now also expanded to Stockholm, Uppsala and Malmö. The artworks in Gothenburg have been made in streets like Kungsgatan, Magasinsgatan, Vallgatan and Kyrkogatan by artists like Ebba Chambert, Linda Spåman, S Camilla E Broström and Angelica Lucaci.

–There is a lot going on in street art right now, especially in Gothenburg. It is fun that this is everywhere now and our goal was to bring it into the busy city centre with a lot of people. I'm proud to take part and make a difference, it is a great change of the urban environment. The diversity is what I am most proud of about the project, there are many different styles this year – both bright and dark.

But ArtMadeThis is far from Ali's only project. He has run the fashion fair Fresh Fish in Gothenburg for several years and he is co-owner of the shop Miksaĵo at Vallgatan. The shop sells selected men's accessories from local and international brands.

I'm proud to take part and make a difference, it is a great change of the urban environment.

We ask about upcoming projects, but his answer is mysterious. He hints that the next step might involve fashion, diversity and sustainability – perhaps in a tv format?

What do you think of Gothenburg as fashion city?
–I think that a lot has happened. There are many interesting brands popping up and they are doing well. Two great examples are Dr Denim and Nudie Jeans. It is interesting to see how the old stays and develops alongside the new.

Ali quickly mentions a number of local brands, like Twist & Tango, Velour, Maska and the swim wear brand Nikben, perfumes from Agonist at the island Donsö, Bow Club making ties and bow-ties and the shoe brand Axel Arigato.

–The new brands are often stronger abroad than here at home. We have so few people in our country that if it is to live on it has to be global, which is cool that it can be today.


Name: Ali Davoodi
Lives: Gothenburg
Does: The fashion fair Fresh Fish, the urban art project ArtMadeThis, the store Miksaĵo and more.
Favourite neighbourhood? Linné.
Favourite tram? I don't have one, I walk almost everywhere.

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