Andres Cuaran - science lover from Colombia, always looking for new and exciting things in Gothenburg. This is Andres's Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is like one big laboratory for testing science and technology projects.

My name is Andres Cuaran and I am a restless, curious, happy, edgy, funny, chatty, keen, crazy, eloquent and intense sustainability enthusiast from Bogota, Colombia. At Chalmers [University of Technology], I’m a research coordinator with focus on storm water technologies. I’m also a student ambassador working on developing new strategies to recruit students.

I’m currently studying the Master program “Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering” and doing my thesis at Chalmers Challenge Lab, a new initiative where students gather with people from the industry, academia and government.

How do you spend your time in Gothenburg?
The video shows how important my friends are in my daily life. We want to do something different every day and we love to use the public bikes, Styr & Ställ, to move around the city. We like to go sightseeing on Avenyn [the city’s main boulevard] and having some food and drinks at the street Andra Långgatan. It’s nice to admire the water from Lindholmen Science Park or the wonders of our planet at Universeum Science Center, they always have something new to appreciate.

Furthermore, there are amazing spots around the city where I can entertain and delight my crazy mind. I never miss a metal concert with my favourite bands at Sticky Fingers and Musikens Hus. I’ve had the pleasure to listen to Gothenburg bands such as Hammerfall, In Flames, Amaranthe, Dragonland and more.

As a movie lover, I love when a new film is screened at Biopalatset or Filmstaden. When I need rush and emotion, Liseberg [Amusement Park] has the perfect medicine. And if I just want to enjoy the amazing summer weather, Eriksberg is the place.

Last but not least, Slottskogen [City Park] and Trädgårdsföreningen [The Garden Society] are always great for long evening walks.

Tell us about your passion in life.
My passion is to use science for the good of humanity. That was the main reason when I decided to come to Gothenburg. I enjoy helping others and watching them succeed in their goals. The whole city fulfils my passion; I can't find any other place with such a perfect mix of technology, innovation and student life. It feels like home, almost. I can't stay still, I can't get stuck in one same idea or concept and Gothenburg gives me the dynamic I need to express myself.

I love the involvement of every person who lives in Gothenburg. When a new idea is released to be tested in the city, everybody helps out. Gothenburg is like one big laboratory for testing science and technology projects, every little part of the city is like a classroom and the citizens are the scientists. Gothenburg is a great city if you want to study and have fun at the same time.


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