Natasha Dmytrenko and Annisa Primalia Nanda - two international students crazy about amusement parks, beautiful islands and “fika”. This is Natasha and Annisa's Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is spacious and breath-taking at the same time

We both study Master in Communication at the University of Gothenburg. Natasha is from Ukraine and Annisa is from Indonesia. We have been living here for 1,5 years now and we live in an area called Hisings Backa.

In our video we show some ”wild spots” that represent things we don’t have in our home countries: rocks where you can sunbathe and have picnics, parks where you can get lost in nature and endless skies with changing clouds. To us, Gothenburg is spacious and breath-taking at the same time. It provides a perfect balance of social life and freedom to be alone. And it’s never boring.

Our top 5 favourite spots in Gothenburg

Café Kringlan is one of our favourite spots in Gothenburg to have “fika” or lunch. It’s a small café with vintage decoration and old-timey furniture that somehow makes us feel like home. It’s really easy for us to get cosy here and spend hours in our favourite corner while enjoying the tasty food. When it’s sunny and warm we like to sit outside watching the lively Haga neighbourhood while sipping on a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

We like Saltholmen for its endless rows of boats and yachts. When spring comes they are surrounded by caring owners who make them look nice for summer. We also like to have picnics in the area and listen to ropes flutter on masts in the wind.

We love theme parks and therefor Liseberg is among our top 5 favourite spots. Although some rides such as Balder and Helix are always appealing, we have to say that our favourite attractions at Liseberg are the fireworks and the Christmas market. We always come here to enjoy the closing night of the summer season and during the Christmas period we visit the old fashioned Scandinavian Christmas market to listen to beautiful Christmas carols and have a glass of glögg [Swedish for mulled wine].

the Gothenburg archipelago are absolutely like-in-the-movies cute

The islands of the Gothenburg archipelago are absolutely like-in-the-movies cute. In the southern part, colourful cottages, small shops where islanders meet and share the latest news, cosy cafes and fresh fish markets make you want to visit these places again and again. The northern archipelago fascinates with its wild nature and 100% Swedish spirit. Go there to celebrate Midsummer and you will want to stay there forever.

Röda Sten is an area with artistic vibes. In the summer, the place is full of people enjoying the view and a latte right on the wooden quay. This is also the place where the river meets the sea. Watching huge ferries leaving the harbour towards Denmark and disappearing somewhere on the horizon makes us think about traveling as well.

Natasha and Annisa's places

This is Gothenburg

We asked a group of people, all active in different forms of culture, to show us their city. They came back with totally different stories.

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