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Photo: Tikitut Community-based tourism Photo: Tikitut Community-based tourism

Tikitut Community-based tourism

City and nature experiences in Gothenburg beyond the tourist trail.

Tikitut Community-based tourism arranges experiences where people and meetings across language boundaries are in focus. From city and nature walks in northeastern Gothenburg and canoe rental in the Nature Reserve Vättlefjäll, to dining sessions were you can experience Sweden's different food cultures.

You will talk, listen and walk while you discover a Gothenburg beyond the tourist trails. Or why not meet up at Kanotpoolen in Vättlefjäll and rent a canoe for a wonderful trip in Vättlefjäll's lake system.

Summer tours
Nature and city walks with Tikitut through northeastern Gothenburg and its wonderful nature. Hiking with focus on meetings, people and nature.