To get to the Gothenburg archipelago is easy. Read our full guide on how to get to the archipelago.

Pensionat Styrsö Skäret

Just by the ocean on the east side of the island Styrsö, the lovely restaurant and hotel Pensionat Styrsö Skäret, is located. Stay in one of the cosy rooms or have lunch/dinner in the beautiful dining room. Here is a video where the owner gives his best tips on what to do on the island.

Mr GT in the bar at Styrsö.

Mr. GT tends the bar at Café Öbergska

For the third year in a row, the Gin & Tonic connoisseur Mr. GT (known from the blog with the same name) will tend a bar totally committed to Gin & Tonic at Café Öbergska on the island of Styrsö. The bar will be open on Thursday's this summer. Visit Mr. GT's website for more information.


Brännö Varv.

Brännö Varv - hammocks and tacos

Café Varvet on the island Brännö is really something special. The pace is slower, the beer tastes better and the fish taco is quite extraordinary. Put your feet up and just relax. This year the café open up on April 28. Visit the cafés homepage.

Kajkanten, Vrångö.

Stay the night in a (modern) boathouse

The island Vrångö is a real gem and if you want to stay the night the small houses in the harbour is a good choice of accommodation. In the houses you’ll find a small kitchen, a shower, a toilet and all you need for a simple yet pleasant stay. A hot tip is to book some kayaks while you’re at it – it is hard to find a better way to see the islands. Visit Kajkanten's page. A new attraction that you should try for the summer of 2017 is the floating sauna.   

Brännö Värdshus

Brännö Värdshus is a well-known restaurant and meeting place on the island of Brännö. From time to time they have live music and culture nights.

Traditional dance at Brännö brygga

This is an iconic summer tradition in Sweden! During seven Saturday nights people gather to dance on the island of Brännö. Hop on a ferry and join the party. 

Enjoy extraordinary seafood

Gothenburg is home to some of the best fish and shellfish in the world and to enjoy them on the islands is a real treat. Buy some shrimp or crayfish at one of the little shops, such as Fiskeboa on Vrångö and have picnic on a cliff by the sea.

Visit the island Köpstadsö

Köpstadsö (or Kössö in the local dialect) is the right island to visit if you prefer tranquility over an abundance of restaurants, cafés and such. At this car free island the wheelbarrow is the most common vehicle. Bring a picnic basket and set course for nice walks and a slow but beautiful day by the sea.

Find a great view from an old pilot station

Here and there on the islands you can see small, red miniature buildings. These are former pilot stations from where ships used to be guided through the archipelago in the old days. Of course, the pilot stations where built at locations with unbeatable view - so when you see one, be sure to climb up and take a look for yourself. This picture is from Vrångö and there is a famous one at Brännö island as well.