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Tracks Recycle

One of Majorna’s many second hand stores. Tracks Recycle is a premium second hand shop specialized in clothing and gear for outdoor sports and activities.

Tracks Recycle sells and collect clothing and gears for outdoor sport and activities. They also arrange lectures on different topics. Welcome!

Tracks Recycle helps your old but fully functional stuff to find a new happy owner. In the store you can find clothing, hiking boots, surfboards, skis and more stuff to be found. Get paid when your stuff have been sold. Read more about how it works on their webiste.

Listen to interesting talks at the event Tracks Talks

If you want to be inspired or if you're curious and want to learn more about sustainable hacks and outdoor activities just come by the store and join the lectures called Tracks Talks.

Tracks Talks invites organizations, companies and people who want to share and inspire other people with their stories. Contact Tracks Recycle if you want to share your stories. Visit their Facebook and Instagram page to see the coming up Tracks Talks. 



Address: Karl Johansgatan 76
Stop: Chapmanstorg
Phone: 0720-653137
E-mail: info@tracksrecycle.se
Website: http://www.tracksrecycle.se/