Explore the Swedish wilderness with its fish and birds, visit our sharks and rays and step into a space station. You can also see snakes and other poisonous animals, go on a rainforest safari among monkeys, sloths and caimans, learn how nature has inspired new technologies, let really young children try out their dream jobs at Job Land, try your hand at chemistry in the Chemistry lab and a whole lot more.

The dinosaurs are taking over

Experience some of the largest animals ever to exist between April 12 and September 30.


The dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago because of the catastrophic meteorite impact in Mexico that ultimately caused 75 percent of the earth’s animal and plant species to extinction. 

In what is probably the world’s most lifelike dinosaur exhibition you can experience and stand eye to eye with the largest prehistoric animals ever to exist. Amongst others you will meet the feared Tyrannosaurus rex and the very impressive Triceratops – all in their natural size. So, prepare yourselves for a tickling adventure!

18 000 cubic metres of adventure - Welcome to The green rainforest

A 25 meter tall kapok tree with suspension bridges take you on adventures and offers impressive views of the rainforest.

Photo: Oscar AB


Experience the exotic birds, sloths, monkeys, frogs, butterflies and other known and unknown animals. Hike through the rain cave and explore everything from the thriving canyon up to the rainforest canopy.

Guides, animal keepers and divers make sure there are plenty of fun happening every day at Universeum science centre. See the website for programme events.

Among the biggest aquariums in the world

Altogether the Universeum aquariums houses over three million litres of water.

The Västerhavet (North Sea) aquarium

Through the sixteen meters long and four meters high panorama screen you can see the fish that live in the North sea and along the Swedish coast.

The Ocean aquarium

1.4 million litres. That’s how much water there is in Universeum’s biggest aquarium, The Ocean. When you enter the tunnel that runs through the aquarium, you can view the fish from below and get a feel for what it would be like to be right in there among them. This is where the sharks and rays live. Plus a host of clownfish and other colourful small residents of the coral reef. There’s also a large sawfish, whose eye-catching nose extension you just can’t miss.

Explore a unique exhibition of venomous snakes and lizards

The exhibition "Reptilariet" lets you get really close to a unique collection of venomous snakes and lizards, while at the same time you explore inspiring discoveries in for example medicin and technology.

Photo: Ellika Henrikson

Loved by many, feared by others and important to everybody.

Many of the snakes in the reptile exhibition at Universeum are among the most venomous animals on the planet, as well as among the most rare and endangered spieces. Here you can get really close to them and also learn about important discoveries in technology, physics, chemistry and medicin where reptiles hade played an essential part.

Explore the magic of chemistry like a real chemist

Chemistry is all around – and in – us, all the time. In the Chemistry Lab you can conduct thrilling experiments and find out more.

Photo: Ellika Henrikson

What happens if ...? Find out at the Chemistry Lab!

Everything is made from chemical compounds and everything, even our thoughts, is a chemical process. Put on a lab coat and safety goggles, pick up a pipette and explore the magic of chemistry in the Chemistry Lab, just like a real chemist.


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