Alzoubi Farm, Olofstorp

The Alzoubi family came to Sweden from Syria in 2014 and they have continued the family's farming tradition in their new country. They want to care for the soil and use techniques to strengthen the soil while still getting a good harvest. Do you want to know more about the farm? Check out their website or their Facebook page.
Lysebrunnsvägen 6 (Stop: Björsared)

Asfaltsträdgården, Ringön

Come out to Ringön and hang out with your friends in the open air. Here you can learn more about the organic farm Asfaltsträdgården which grows both vegetables and flowers. You can also follow them on Facebook.
Järnmalmsgatan 4 (Stop: Manufakturgatan)

Citydrängen, Skogome

A programmer’s interest for farming that once consisted of a tomato plant on his balcony has grown into this urban farm. If you want to learn more about Citydrängen, which is Swedish for "the farmworker in the city", you can visit his website. And don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Lilla Jordbruket, Bergum

The philosophy on this farm is that farming isn’t only about producing goods, but also about binding carbon and increasing biodiversity. You can follow the farm on Facebook and Instagram, and on their website you can find even more information.
Bergums mellangårdsväg 1 (Stop: Dockeredsvägen)

Modellodlingen, Angered

This farm doesn’t only produce vegetables, but also new urban farmers. The vegetables produced here are delivered to preschools and schools in the area, without any intermediaries. On Instagram you can follow their work, and if you want more details about the farm you can look here
Angereds gård 1 (Stop: Ekeredsvägen)

Renströmska trädgården, Kålltorp

Make yourself feel at home at Renströmska trädgården. This farm grows vegetables, herbs and flower that you can pick yourself. If you want to know more about the farm you can read about it here, you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
Sanatoriegatan 90 (Stop: Studiegången)

Slaktarens trädgård, Gamlestaden

Follow all the stages of the plants in the middle of the city and pick some greens or herbs to bring home. If you want, you can plant your own little plant in the garden. Check out these urban farmers on Facebook to get the latest updates.
Lilla Waterloogatan (Stop: Gamlestads torg)

Want to visit?

You need to pre-book visits to some of the farms, more information can be found on their websites or social media.

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