Many interesting and rare plants can be spotted at Vättlefjäll, as well as birds like black grouse and capercaillie. The nature reserve's lakes are popular for swimming, canoeing and fishing. The largest lakes are Surtesjön, Stora Björsjön, Mollsjön and Holmesjön. If you want to paddle, you can rent a canoe in Vättlestugan during May-September. If you like to go fishing in the lakes, it requires a yellow fishing license. There are wind shields and barbecue areas along the lakes, also wood storages with pre-cut wood, free to use.

The Vättlefjäll area is crossed by three large walking trails, Bohusleden, Vättlefjällsleden and Pilgrimsleden. In addition to these three routes, there are several shorter tracks to follow. The tracks go in a loop and return to the starting point. Each track is clearly marked with a colour.

Directions to Vättlefjäll

By public transport from central Gothenburg, you can easily reach Vättlefjäll. Take tram 4 or 9 to Angered centrum. Take bus 75 from Angered centrum to stop Kryddnejlikegatan and from there you can walk around 7 minutes. By this route you’ll enter the nature area via the canoe centre Kanotpoolen - Vättlestugan.

If you like to go by car, go north on E45 from the city centre, towards Rävebergsvägen and Lövgärdesvägen. There is free parking at Kanotpoolen - Vättlestugan.

There is also parking at the beach Surtesjöns bathing place in the western part of Vättlefjäll. From Gothenburg, drive north on E45 and take exit 81. After the exit, continue the road Idrottsvägen, then right on the road Granhäcksvägen. Then turn left onto the road Fågeldammsvägen which you follow all the way to the parking at the lake beach.


Address: Kryddnejlikegatan 9
Stop: Kryddnejlikegatan
Phone: 0793-048020, Vättlestugan