Distance: Approximately 2.5 km.
Estimated time: 1-2 hours
Level: Easy


Your walk begins at the impressive cathedral Domkyrkan. The cathedral currently standing is the third one built in the same spot and it was completed in 1815. From here it’s a short walk to trendy Magasinsgatan. Your first stop will be Pop Boutique, an exciting vintage store with carefully selected fashion and design.

The interior design store Norrgavel is located next to Pop Boutique. Here you’ll find premium pieces of furniture and interior design. Norrgavel takes environmental issues and sustainability seriously and the store was the first in Sweden to receive the Nordic Eco label for home furnishing. 

Haga and Nya Allén

Cross the moat and head up towards the park Kungsparken and the street Nya Allén. The eco-friendly Thrive – Conscious Fashion is located on the corner of the street Södra Allégatan and Husargatan. Their motto is conscious fashion and they offer clothing and accessories made from organic materials.

In the centre of Haga, on the street Haga Nygata, the soap shop Tvåla & Tvaga is situated. The handcraft soaps are made in a factory next to Kronhusbodarna in Gothenburg and all materials in the production are natural and eco-certified. 

Bebop Antik is just a stone’s throw away in the neighbourhood of Haga. It's a vintage shop that specialises in Scandinavian interior design from the 20th century, but focusing primarily on the years between 1930 and 1970.

Next stop is the organic grocery store Fram Ekolivs. They offer a wide variety of organic products and locally produced goods. 

Järntorget och Linné

The spacious second-hand shop Myrorna, located by the square Järntorget, spans four floors and is packed with clothes, furniture and more. At the top floor you’ll find an inspiring retro section featuring one of a kind garments and accessories from decades gone by.          

Walk back towards Järntorget and head up the street Linnégatan. Make a stop by the shop Björkåfrihet, a popular second-hand shop with retro inspired fashion.

Gothenburg has plenty of great restaurants and cafés with an eco-profile. A nice way to end your walk would be to stop by Råda Gelato and feast on a delicious, locally produced ice cream. Or if you’re ready for dinner, head to KRAV-certified Taverna Averna, where they also grow their own herbs on the roof.