"Beautiful evening to explore Gothenburg, Sweden by bike! I never knew what a bike-friendly city was until I experienced Gothenburg! If we had a 10th part of the bike and pedestrian infrastructure in the US that Gothenburg does, I can't imagine how radically different and astronomically more bikeable our cities would be!"

"Tricky, entertaining bridges everywhere you turn in Gothenburg!"

"Leo of Hillsidecycling makes this tricky rock feature look easy!"

"Riding past ancient moss-covered rock walls in Sweden definitely does not suck!"

"Leo ripping down The Ravine in the Skatas trail system, Gothenburg."

"Seaside slickrock riding with an ancient fortress in the background... Suh-weet! Marstrand Island, Sweden." 


Citat och photon av Greg Heil, Singletracks.com.