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Interior design boutique

Galleri Home Design

Home decor in colours and shapes from all over the world.

Galleri Home Design is an exclusive specialist retailer of oriental rugs, home furnishings and authentic handicrafts. This new concept located in central Gothenburg, on the street Kungsgatan, is a creative, innovative project built by three sisters with an international background and different experiences. The ambition of Galleri Home Design is to offer different forms of handicrafts for your home. With the store’s long history about oriental rugs spanning over 30+ years, the sisters want to highlight different art forms along with these rugs, and with a focus on natural materials. A place for customers to find inspiration, warmth, and cool high-quality designs with sustainability in mind.

View to a decor store where the window is decorated with pine tree branches. Inside we can see different decoration pieces mostly of Christmas season.