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Fishing trips and seal safaris

Källö-Knippla Båtcharter

One thing is for sure: it is always high season for adventure and joy at sea!

Boat trips and experiences on Källö-Knippla island

Källö-Knippla boat charter, located in the Gothenburg archipelago, offers seal safaris and fishing trips such as mackerel, cod, crab and lobster fishing, depending on the season. They also do round-trips in southern Bohuslän.

Stay ashore or combine

For those who want to stay on land or in combination with a trip on board, conferences and lectures are offered in motivation, personal development, mental training and health.

M/S Sarita

M/S Sarita takes you safely around, she’s a very seaworthy boat that takes 12 passengers plus crew. There’s room for everyone to be outside or inside the cabin.

Home port Källö-Knippla

The starting point is generally Källö-Knippla. By agreement, groups can be picked up at Lilla Varholmen, on the east side of Hönö and Öckerö islands or on Björkö island. Feel free to ask if you have other wishes.

Credits: Källö-Knippla Båtcharter

M/S Sarita on her way back to Källö-Knippla island

M/S Sarita on her way back to Källö-Knippla island.Credits: Källö-Knippla Båtcharter