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Archipelago island


A small car-free island with a lot of character.

Kalvsund is located between islands Björkö and Öckerö. The ferry takes you from Lilla Varholmen via Björkö to the beautiful, car-free island.

On Kalvsund you’ll find the beautiful bathing areas, Bindes and Körgårn. At Körrgårn there are small sandy beaches, bathing platforms for low and deeper water and wonderful cliffs.

At the centre of the island rises “Båken” that gives the island its famous silhouette, an ancient watch tower which had great significance for shipping. From here the view is magnificent.

On the northern side is a famous large building previously called Bremerska villan.

You can also visit Hemma-Hos Krogen Ute på Udden, with typical Kalvsund food. They also offer Seaweed Safaris.

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