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Christmas store

My Holly Decco

Decoration for every Christmas aficionado.

My Holly Decco is a Christmas store with a broad offer of holiday decorations such as wreaths, bows, pine trees and garlands, all available for personalised orders. Originating as a webshop with a focus on decorative strip bands with steel wire edges, allowing different stylings that can be reused over time, My Holly Decco has now expanded to a physical store in response to high demand. Dive into the Christmas spirit and visit their store located at Eriksberg, Hisingen, and discover the different themes ranging from classic Christmas decorations, elves, winter wonderland, Christmas toys, and more.

Christmas store with a large white Christmas tree filled with red adornments, a Santa Claus doll, two candy canes, among other Christmassy decoration pieces

Credits: My Holly Decco

Room decorated for Christmas with a Christmas tree in the middle, three Santa sleds on the left and a poster with a boy sitting on a sled with a dog looking at a Christmas store window on the right.

Credits: My Holly Decco