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Archipelago island


Stunning nature on the northernmost island.

Rörö is located at the northern end of the Gothenburg archipelago. The island’s beautiful nature reserves invite you to walk along their trails. The harbour is one of the better among the islands. Fishing has characterized Rörö since the 1600s.

Rörö is a well-known destination for nature lovers and bird watchers, as the nature of the island is unique with almost completely treeless moorland. The wildlife is also rich and the views are fantastic. On the west side you will find  boulders, giants’ cauldrons and glacial potholes from the ice age.

The harbor area are buzzing with life in the summer, with a marina and sandy beaches. At the guest harbor you can rent a kayak, play tennis or boule. Or why not enjoy delicious ice cream on Röröboa Café och Restaurang’s fantastic terrace.