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Gothenburg's first nature reserve

Rya Skog

Hike the winding paths in the jungle-like nature and take a break in one of the glades just made for picnics.

The nature reserve Rya skog is a really lush oasis, located between Ryaverket and Skarvikshamnen. The area is unique, with remnants of a very old forest – maybe even prehistoric. The forest is known, among other things, for its many white anemones during spring.

The forest has been developed freely for a long time. An alsump forest covers large parts of the reserve. There are also beautiful groves with oak and hazel. You will also find different kinds of shrubs, several kinds of flowers and animals such as deer, badgers and squirrels. The bird life is rich, including smaller flycatchers, finches, lesser woodpeckers and nightingales.

Credits: Stefan Karlsson

Credits: Stefan Karlsson