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The Rain Playground

A playground that’s even more fun to visit when it’s raining.

In the park Renströmsparken, next to the pond Näckrosdammen, you’ll find The Rain Playground. A perfect spot for playful children, or adults, to visit – especially when it’s raining.

Here, you can jump around in puddles, climb on the playground equipment “sticks in the ground” and take shelter under leaf-shaped roofs where rainwater is directed down into the sand through funnels and channels.

But there are also more traditional play equipment here, such as a slide, swings, sandbox, and a trampoline, ensuring that it’s an enjoyable playground in all weather. Paths in the playground are designed to facilitate wheelchair accessibility to various play equipment, such as the buddy swing.

The playground was created during the preparations for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and is a result of the ideas and wishes of the people of Gothenburg.

Credits: Ulf Celander