Before you take a look at these initiatives, we want to mention the best thing of all: All these new places and experiences are the result of Gothenburgers’ own ideas and thoughts about how they want Gothenburg to evolve. So it’s their dreams that together have come true. Isn’t that great? And now on to Gothenburg’s new gems!

The Public Pool in the park Jubileumsparken. Photo: Marie Ullnert Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

1. The Park Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen

Let’s start with the park that has had the honour of being named after the anniversary. Jubileumsparken – or ‘the Anniversary Park’ – is not a typical park filled with large grassy areas and plants. While there are some green elements, the main focus is on water. Here, you can swim in several pools filled with salt water from the sea or freshwater, relax in a sauna made only from recycled materials (currently closed for renovation), sail a dinghy or canoe in the river. Would you rather stay on dry land? Check out the new playground, featuring around twenty sculptures that blur the borders between art and play. Various activities are arranged in the park every day. You can find out about these – and much more besides – here.

Amanda Karlsson in front of her work in Västra Nordstan
Amanda Karlsson in front of her piece of art in Västra Nordstan. Photo: Amanda Berg

2. 23 km of Art

You can combine art, fresh air and exercise by spending an hour cycling between the cultural centre Blå Stället in Angered and the Röda Sten Art Centre in Klippan. There are streets, tunnels and walls covered with murals created by local and international artists. If you don’t feel like cycling, you can of course enjoy the art whenever and however you like. On the green streets in Majorna, for example, you can walk on Hanna Kastl-Lungberg’s 220 metre long ground painting and read children’s answers to the question “What should we do to create the best world possible?”. Some of their answers are surprisingly wise.

The cultural centre Kulturhuset Bergsjön
The cultural centre Kulturhuset Bergsjön. Photo: Higab/Hans Ekestang

3. The Cultural Centre Kulturhuset Bergsjön

Gothenburg has gained a new cultural centre! Kulturhuset Bergsjön is almost 3,000 m² in size, and houses art studios, a ceramics studio, a music studio, an exhibition hall and a stage for music, dance and drama. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience culture. Take a look at the centre’s programme, as there are activities for all ages almost every day. These include meet-ups for senior citizens, concerts and Friday clubs, which are open studio sessions for children who want to create together with artists. Sounds like fun? Kulturhuset Bergsjön is open every day and is free to visit.

The rain playground in the park Renströmsparken. Photo: Marie Ullnert Credit: Ulf Celander

4. The Rain Playground

What could be fun for kids than splashing around with water and jumping in puddles? Next time it rains, dress your children and yourself in waterproofs and head for the rain playground in the park Renströmsparken. And then just have fun! There are all kinds of wet activities to enjoy.

The Golden Tree by Tetsunori Kawana.
The Golden Tree by Tetsunori Kawana. Photo: Amplifyphoto/Markus Holm

5. Land Art

Last but not least, there’s the Land Art anniversary initiative. Natural art works, or installations, have now been created at six locations around Gothenburg for everyone to enjoy. Why not visit the park Bergkristallparken and take in the fantastic natural artwork The Golden Tree? Here, Japanese artist Tetsunori Kawana has used a rotting tree and lots of wooden boxes to create his declaration of love for nature, creativity, art and life. Below is a list of all the natural artworks that have been created to mark the anniversary.

The park Positivparken in Askim/Frölunda/Högsbo: The Way of the Heart/LandHeArt by Helle Nebelong

Hökälla on Norra Hisingen: The Present by Jens Thoms Ivarsson

Torsviken on Västra Hisingen: Svanbon by Gunilla Bandolin

Eriksbo/Lärjeåns dalgång in Angered: Touchstone by Monika Gora

Art projects in Bergsjön: Healing Our Stories by Marie Gayatri

The park Bergkristallparken in western Gothenburg: The Golden Tree by Tetsunori Kawana