#1 sustainable destination for the 7th time

The Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDSI), a comparative ranking, was started in 2016 by the organization Global Destination Sustainability Movement. Since the start, Gothenburg has been placed at the top every time. Sustainability in all dimensions is measured; ecological, social, and economic. But to get high in the ranking, it is not only important that the hospitality industry with facilities and hotels are committed and involved, but also how the city in general works with sustainability issues.

Best sustainable city stay in 2021

When Lonely Planet published its annual Best in Travel list, Gothenburg came out top in the sustainability category, and has therefore been named the world’s Best Sustainable City Stay.

“Gothenburg once again demonstrates that we are a destination that is world-leading in sustainability. The tourism industry and many other parts of the city have been working diligently for several years to make the destination sustainable. We’ve also made efforts to promote Gothenburg as a sustainable city to both foreign journalists and visitors. It’s fantastic news that Lonely Planet is now recognizing us” says Peter Grönberg, CEO of Göteborg & Co.

Rescued lunches and locally produced ingredients

Locally produced, organic, vegan and vegetarian – in Gothenburg there are plenty of sustainable food and drink options. Enjoy the season’s seafood at Japanese inspired Vrå or enjoy local produce at the eco-certified Michelin restaurant SK Mat & Människor. Gunnebo House and Gardens is an excursion destination just outside Gothenburg where sustainability is at the centre, not least at their eco-certified restaurant.

One of the most sustainable hotel cities in the world

Gothenburg is one of the greenest hotel cities in the world, in 2023, 88 percent the hotel rooms are eco-certified. It is easy to sleep with a good conscience here.

Second hand, vintage and sharing economy

The circular economy is only getting bigger, and in Gothenburg you’ll find many different stores selling second hand and vintage clothes and where you can rent or loan clothes, sports gear and outdoor equipments etc.

Sustainable activities

Take a bicycle tour, enjoy parks and gardens or pick some fruit in one of the public fruit groves. There are endless opportunities to explore Gothenburg in a sustainable way.

Sustainable transport in and around Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a pocket-sized metropolis – you’ll find almost everything within walking distance. If you want to get around the city with public transport you can still do it with a good conscience, approximately 95 percent is run on renewable energy.

Travel and climate

How you travel and how you live on the destination has a big impact on the climate. We have in collaboration with others created a tool to calculate the emissions from different accommodation and transport types.

Your choices makes a different. You will for instance produce seven times more Co2 emissions if you fly from Copenhagen to Gothenburg rather than taking the train.

Go to travelandclimate.org and see for yourself how you can optimise your trip based on CO2 emissions.

Read more about Göteborg & Co’s work on sustainability and different awards here.