The courtyard of Champagnebaren is a popular spot. Credit: Hugo Hall

End the shopping spree with a visit to …


Gothenburg’s newest addition to the wine bar scene, with the simple and obvious name Vinbaren (The Wine Bar). It offers exciting and high-quality wines, as well as more relaxed and familiar ones. Vinbaren has a large selection of wines and a wine cellar built by high-class sommeliers. One of them has even won an award for being the world’s best sommelier! Vinbaren is located safely and invitingly at the intersection of Magasinsgatan and Södra Larmgatan, right next to the sister restaurant Tavolo. A perfect place to either have a quick tasty wine on the go or to plan an entire evening that ends with letting your taste buds delight with a wine you’ve never tasted before.

Bar La Lune

At Bar La Lune you’ll most likely get the impression that the small and cosy space is full, but you’ll still somehow manage to squeeze in and get a glass of wine from the impressive and extensive wine list. The menu consists of whatever the kitchen felt like making that day, but it’ll always be delicious. Right next door the folks at La Lune opened wine bar Angeli in early 2022, make sure to check that out too!

Bar Centro

Bar Centro is located on a narrow street next to the main boulevard Avenyn. It’s a celebrated wine bar and restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. Bar Centro’s wine list consists mainly of natural wines – wines made from organically-grown grapes and produced in a natural way with as little impact as possible on the manufacturing process. The grapes are often harvested by hand and and has vinified totally without the use of added sulfites. This process results in wines that may vary in taste and character even though it’s from the same label. Do you think it sounds as interesting as we do? Visit Bar Centro.


At Champagnebaren they pop open bottles from both large wine brands and small independent producers and the skilled staff will help you find a champagne to suit your taste. The bar is located right in the shopping district of Gothenburg, and has one of the city’s most beautiful courtyards. If you’ve had enough of sparkling wine, there are a lot of regular wines, beers and other drink options at Champagnebaren.


On a side street to the main boulevard Avenyn, you’ll find cosy Somm Restaurant & Wine Bar. Here you can choose among no less than 30 different wines by the glass and even more by the bottle. If you need help choosing, the knowledgeable staff will be happy to tell you all there is to know about grapes, districts and vintages. If you’re hungry, try the smaller, larger or sweeter dishes on the menu – combined with carefully selected wines of course.

Tolv Vinbar

On the entrance floor to the clothing and interior design store Vallgatan 12 you’ll find the restaurant and wine bar Tolv Vinbar. Here you can enjoy a good lunch or dinner and a good glass in direct connection to the shopping.

For your pre-theatre-wine you should try … 

Sassi caffè enoteca

On the street Teatergatan 32 you will find Sassi caffè enoteca – a small restaurant opened in 2015 by Primo Pellegrino to share his passion for Italian wines and delicacies. The venue has an open and relaxed atmosphere and offers a menu with good wines, canapés, cured meats and fabulous cheeses.

Juan Font

On the street Teatergatan you will also find the Basque and Pyrenees inspired wine bar, Juan Font. The bar has a selection of Spanish and French wines in various price ranges and the main menu features light meal alternatives such as tartar, oysters, cured meats and cheeses.


At Totale you’ll enjoy fantastic natural wine and Neapolitan inspired Pizza. A relaxed restaurant, suitable for a three course meal or a quick drink, Totale is located just off Teatergatan on Kristinelundsgatan. For more great food and natural wine, try Natur and Bord 27, run by the restaurateurs behind Totale.

Credit: Tina Stafrén

A unique experience in Gamlestaden

Okay, so it’s not exactly a traditional wine bar but rather the first urban winery in the nordic region! At Wine Mechanics in Gamlestaden, grapes from Germany and France are turned into locally produced wines. There is also a restaurant offering lunch, dinner and a weekend brunch.

If you’re in the Linné area … 


The bar and restaurant Folk is located in the theatre foyer of Folkteatern at Järntorget in the Linné area. The bar was one of the first natural wine bars in Gothenburg, and has a selection of red, white and sparkling natural wines. If you’re hungry you can order delicious vegetarian dishes made by chef and restaurateur, Emma Kolback.

Olssons Vin

You’ll find this gem slightly hidden in a courtyard on the street Tredje långgatan. The place has become a bit of a favourite hangout for wine-lovers in Gothenburg. The staff at Olssons vin has great wine knowledge and can help you to find your favourite from their extensive wine list. At the same street you can find other popular restaurants and bars like Kafé Magasinet, Made in China, Tacos & Tequila and Brewers Beer Bar.


Tvinky opened in spring 2017 and is a welcome addition to the street Andra Långgatan where beer traditionally has been the drink of choice. Enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese platter or sit down for a three course meal. All dishes are available in smaller portions, perfect if you just want something light to eat to go along with your wine. Most of the wines at Tvinky are available by the glass.

Credit: Tina Stafrén

Take your date to …


Barsac is located in the Vasa district. The restaurant offers an impressive collection of wines both by glass and bottle, as well as good service and knowledgeable staff that knows how to combine wine and food. The kitchen has a passion for traditional Swedish food, but also get inspiration from other parts of Europe. Read more on Barsacs website.
Viktoriagatan 8

Björns bar

A short walk up the street from Barsac lies the popular wine and deli bar Björns Bar. This place has become a favourite haunt among locals and is found downstairs from the relaxed fine dining destination Koka. Björns bar offering a clever take on the fine produce served upstairs and you can choose between a number of wines served by the glass. The wine list as well as the cooking offers great variety and creativity, which is part of the success.

Diket in the neighbourhood Majorna.

Discover the cosy-cool Majorna district and…


The newest wine bar in Majorna is run by three experienced chefs, which means that you’ll be sure to have something tasty on your plate as well as in your glass. The menu changes frequently, as does the wine on tap on offer!

Vini e Liquori

The restaurateur Robert Maglia is dedicated to create meeting places for food and wine enthusiasts – and he has certainly succeeded. At Mariaplan in the neighbourhood Majorna he owns two places – the restaurant Enoteca Maglia and the wine bar Vini e Liquori. As the name suggests, the bar Vini e Liquori is the part of the two that has a greater focus on wine and liquor. Here you will find mostly Italian wines, liqueurs and spirits. If you fancy dinner, head over to Enoteca Maglia which is located right next door. Molto buono!


In the same neighbourhood as Vini e Liquori, just a short walk away, you will find Tapasbaren. The eatery has quickly become a popular sport among locals. The bar serves tasty tapas, wine by the glass, a nice atmosphere and lively music.

Robb – opening spring 2023

Robb is the restaurant that takes over Syster Marmelad’s old premises in the district Majorna. The new restaurant will focus on Neapolitan pizza and wine. Opens spring 2023!

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