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Nature reserve

Änggårdsbergen Nature Reserve

Beautiful nature reserve a short walk from Gothenburg city centre.

Änggårdsbergen nature reserve is a popular hiking and outdoor activities spot. The area offers a varied landscape featuring valleys and ridges, winding walking paths, lakes and beautiful scenery. It’s easy to get to Änggårdsbergen using public transport, or by walking from the city centre.

The varied ecological environment and fauna contains several examples of nature typical of Western Sweden, such as heathland and moorland. Änggårdsbergen lies next to the Botanical Gardens and stretches from the green parks of western Gothenburg towards the nature area Sisjön, south of the city of Mölndal.

The 320 hectares of Änggårdsbergen invites you to explore winding paths along valleys and take in spectacular views from ridges. The area contains ancient burial sites, dating back to the Bronze Age. One of the graves is located on a ridge where you get a view of the ocean and can see all the way to the lighthouse Vinga Fyr.

Please note, that making fire is permitted in purpose-built fireplaces only. The ban does not apply to grills or similar equipment brought by visitors. Cycling is only allowed on marked roads and paths. Signs in the area inform about where it’s allowed to cycle. Keep in mind not to cycle off road from the cycle paths, as it can damage the roots of the trees. Dogs must be kept on a leash.