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A statue by Carl Milles and a famous landmark in Gothenburg.

Poseidon, the sea God, by Carl Milles is one of Gothenburg’s most famous landmarks, situated at the top of the main boulevard Avenyn at the square Götaplatsen. The statue was inaugurated in September 1931.

The square Götaplatsen was constructed for the World Fair in Gothenburg in 1923 and a fountain was placed in the same location as Poseidon, before the statue was inaugurated nearly ten years later. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings on three sides: the Concert hall, the City Theatre and Gothenburg Museum of Art.

The view of the main boulevard Avenyn from the Museum of Art is a classic postcard from Gothenburg, with Poseidon in the foreground.

The Concert Hall was designed by Nils Einar Eriksson and opened on October 4, 1935. Its main hall immediately became famous as one of the world’s best concert halls, from an acoustic standpoint.

Gothenburg Museum of Art was ready in 1923 and is a magnificent building designed by Sigfrid Ericson. The building towers behind Poseidon with its monumental pillars and fantastic steps.

The City Theatre, designed by Karl Bergsten, originally opened in 1934 but was totally renovated in 2002. The building is known for its elegant thirties architecture, which you can see in the famous staircase, among other places.

Credits: Superstudio

Credits: Dick Gillberg

Credits: Beatrice Törnros