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Hamburger restaurant

The Goods Basement

Burgers according to the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid! In this case about making delicious burgers in a simple way.

The Goods Basement is burger restaurant inspired by the US and its burger culture where the simplicity enhances the good flavour. The burgers are made from smashed Black Angus meat, potato rolls and cheese imported from the US. Only to get as even and great quality as possible. The dressings are made in the restaurant and each burger are being rolled and smashed by hand. The Goods Basement does not work like everybody else, at this place they make their own path with a true American atmosphere.

The Goods started as a food truck in early 2020 outside Kungsmässan shopping centre in Kungsbacka. It is also here their other restaurant is located, The Goods Co.

Credits: The Goods Basement