Gothenburg with toddlers

Gothenburg is truly a children’s city. Here is the Nordics’ largest amusement park Liseberg, the exciting science center Universeum, playful and child-friendly museums, libraries and cafes and not least the city park Slottsskogen with lots of opportunities for outdoor play. Here are tips for families with young children planning to visit Gothenburg – including tips on public transport, changing tables and breastfeeding rooms.

Children’s clothing and toy stores

Gothenburg has many unique children’s clothing brands with a common focus on sustainability and playful design. We guide you to the stores where you can find them, but also to Swedish and Scandinavian favourites. Of course, we also recommend fun and well-stocked toy stores and the little bookworms’ favorite haunts.

Child-friendly restaurants in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has long been known as a child-friendly destination and that is something we are proud of. And although there are many restaurants that offer highchairs and children’s menus, there are some places that children seem to like a little extra. The above guide contains some of them, but there are more to discover.

Nature activities for kids

Are you keen to experience nature and some fun everyday adventures – together with your child? See more of Gothenburg’s beautiful surroundings? Journalist Karin Fingal and adventure photographer Fredrik Schenholm have published the book “Wild Gothenburg – the family’s guide to the best adventures”. Here they recommend their five favorite excursions.

Visit Gothenburg with children

Gothenburg is absolutely fantastic for children – all year round! Here we list everything from Liseberg rabbits and ice cream to ice skating and crispy waffles.

School break in Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, there are loads of fun things to do all year round when school is closed for the holidays. Above, we have collected guides that focus on the different holidays filled with activities.