The festivities began with Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival (June 2–5) and was followed by 100 days of celebration.

Throughout the summer, visitors were able to take part in several anniversary initiatives, such as Prototyping Gothenburg and the celebration of Gothenburg’s 100-year-old institutions. The festivities reached their final at the final weekend (August 31–September 3).

Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival

On 2­5 June, a four-day festival was held in Frihamnen to celebrate the city’s 400th anniversary. The festival was free and open to everyone and offered a programme filled with music, activities, surprises, food experiences and much more.

Prototyping Gothenburg

In connection with Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration, the city’s public spaces were used as an exhibition arena under the name Prototyping Gothenburg, which focused on opportunities, solutions and challenges in the development towards a more sustainable city. The main area of Prototyping Gothenburg was a walkway that stretched from Frihamnen and Ringön on the island of Hisingen, over the Hisingen bridge to the central area of the town. Along the route, there was a series of places and activities to discover, for example the park Jubileumsparken with the new harbor bath, the marine allotment Flytevi, activation of Kajskjul 113 and much more.

Photo: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

100 years in Gothenburg

In addition to the city’s 400th birthday, several of Gothenburg’s most beloved places celebrated 100 years in 2023. Liseberg Amusement park, Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Aquarium at the Maritime Museum, the art gallery Göteborg konsthall and the main boulevard Avenyn were some of the famous institutions that were built for the big Anniversary Exhibition in 1923.

Jubileumskompassen in Bältesspännarparken

In the park Bältesspännarparken in Gothenburg, you could find Jubileumskompassen during the celebration. This meeting place had a stage, where concerts, workshops and activities took place nearly every day. Here you could also ask jubilee experts about the celebration and its broad programme.

Jubileumskompassen was open every day from 27 May – 3 September.

Gothenburg’s Anniversary Final

The celebration reached its final on August 31-September 3 when the city was full of grand events – all of them with an extra jubilee feeling. Gothenburg Culture Festival, Frihamnsdagarna, Göteborgsvarvet Marathon, and the Jubilee Parade were just a few of them.

Photo: Fine Little Day

Anniversary products

For Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, several products have been created by different partners. These included everything from a “Gothenburg 400 years” cava, a beautifully designed blanket to childrens books and games.