Frihamnen is an urban environment, just by the river Göta Älv, connecting the two riversides in the very heart of the city. The area, where the raw, industrial look and feel is still very palpable, is under development. One step at a time a new environment is formed with residential buildings, workplaces, greenery and innovation, where the old and the new intertwine.

The public floating pools in the Jubilee Park in Gothenburg.
The public floating pools in The Jubilee Park offers year-round swimming in the river. Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

The Jubilee Park

The Jubilee Park was a part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and the first step in the development of Frihamnen into a dense innercity area focusing on social, economical and environmental sustainability. In the park you’ll find the public pool, an excursion playground, the unique public sauna and the opportunity to try your hand at sailing.

Park 113

Park 113 is an old port hangar where for example Experimentverkstaden welcomes children of all ages to experiment, discover and reseach during the annual Science Festival, and other events and exhibitions are also held here.


Bananpiren has become one of Gothenburg’s most happening event areas. In Hangar 5, the pavillions and on the huge pier itself there’s always some kind of event going on: fairs, festivals, concerts and sporting events.

Explore further along the river

Heading east from Frihamnen you’ll come to Ringön, yet another old part of the harbour where new and exciting businesses and activities are taking form, for example Vega Bryggeri, one of Gothenburg’s micro breweries making craft beer. Take the tram to stop “Frihamnen” and head east up the river to get to Ringön, or go there by bike!

If you continue westwards from Frihamnen, preferably by bus no 55 — the quiet bus powered by a 100 % renewable electricity, going between Johanneberg Science Park (Chalmers) and Lindholmen Science Park — you’ll find lots of interesting activites and places at Lindholmen och Eriksberg.